Kamancello, comprised of Shahriyar Jamshidi (kamanche) and Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) blurs musical genre conventions with their highly evocative improvised performances. The scope of their creations ranges from soulful and emotive to incendiary and intense, and their sound has been described as being “totally entrancing.” With each performance, Jamshidi and Weinroth-Browne weave an intricate musical tapestry, one that is both memorable and totally unique. Having made waves with a recent appearance at Montreal’s Place des Arts for Festival du Monde Arabe, Kamancello forges ahead here with their Ottawa debut on November 20th.

Huei Lin is a New York City-raised, Montreal-based musician and videographer. As a saxophone player, he pushes sonic and timbral boundaries with his solo project- taking an unorthodox approach that explores the possibility of the solo saxophone as a viable artistic medium. In the context of his frequent collaborations with other instrumentalists and alternative singer-songwriters, he is as much a part of the Montreal indie scene as it is rooted in classical and contemporary traditions. As a composer, his work also focuses on the integration of field recordings and spoken text with string quartet and piano-based material. He received his musical education at The Manhattan School of Music in New York and McGill University in Montreal.