Kamancello have participated in recording of three tracks “Risk It”, “Interlude I” and “Messiah” from HiRUDiN album by Austra.


Risk It

“This song started as a four-bar loop with the horn sample and the drums. And I sang this line—what became the chorus—and pitched it up just to hear what it would sound like in a different key. I ended up kind of getting addicted to the way it sounded, so I wrote an entire song around this pitched-up vocal loop, basically. It’s pretty funny, because I was surprised that people were so shocked by it. I feel like it’s really common to hear a pitched voice in music now, but I guess because people are just so used to my voice, a lot of them were just like, ‘Why would you do that?!’ But the thing that’s so fun about pitching your voice when you’re already a singer is that it’s the same tone, you just change the quality of it. So you get to have these different voices suddenly, which, as somebody who has one single instrument, is a fun project to do.”

Interlude I

“I felt like I needed to have some interludes because, to be honest, I wrote so many songs that were so intense and I just felt like people needed a break. When I first mastered this record, it was two or three songs longer, and I went back months later and cut some more songs—I was like, ‘This is just too much!’ A lot of the songs have pretty heavy arrangements, so I just needed to create some space.”


“To me, this song is about my ideal partnership. It describes what the perfect partnership could look like—like, accepting your imperfections and just being in a relationship with somebody where neither person is dominant, and where you’re able to maintain your individuality and walk beside each other, rather than one person leading the other. After my toxic relationship, I did enter a new relationship, and that was the inspiration for ‘Messiah.’ But then that relationship ended a few months ago, so I really am spinning back to the beginning of ‘Anywayz.’ Such is life!”

HiRUDiN By Austra

Canada, 2020